Video campaign welcomes back small bar scene in Adelaide, South Australia



The doors of hospitality opened, after the 2020 lockdown, to the Restart Adelaide Video Campaign. Content was created for 15 bars around South Australia to welcome back their patrons after many weeks of being closed. These videos proved optimal for social media and the awareness of where to go and who to support in Adelaide after restrictions had eased.

Highlighting what these venues do best with videography, filming them at their locations whipping up phenomenal cocktails with their passion for pouring proved pivotal for visibility and virality. This campaign aimed to encourage South Australians to venture back into their vibrant small bar scene and treat themselves to a well-deserved (and not home-made) cocktail.

This video campaign has delivered our client, The Exchange AU, a total reach of over 100 thousand people with over 32% click through rate, driving volume through video to their venues throughout Adelaide, South Australia.

If you’re looking to amplify your story and increase the eyes on your brand. If you’re looking to introduce yourself in a new way to your audience through professional video content, say howdie!




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